Kokusai Ski Resort, Hokkaido, Japan.

Kokusai Ski Resort, Hokkaido, Japan.

Spending Time in the White Room

Those fleeting thousands of a second where you lose all sense of direction and you are blinded by 4 massive walls of white. It surrounds you and offers no point of exit. Closing in on you as you speed down the hill, a soft silhouette of an approaching tree is barely visible on the white wall directly ahead…..do you slam on the brakes knowing it will get worse or do you stumble through the memories of your last fleeting seconds of sight before your world turned white, trying to remember where all those trees were, whether the gaps are wide enough to squeeze through and which one tree looked the softest. Decision made you crouch down on the tail a little, build speed and blast through the nearest wall, gasping for breath as you choke on dry powder, eyes darting left and right, searching out all those now visible trees, planning your next turn and the start of another adventure in the White Room.


Harajuku - Tokyo

Harajuku - Tokyo

Always our eyes are pointed forwards or down. Sometimes the sights are up.

Sapporo filter life.

Some more Sapporo camera time. I could walk the streets day or night and find inspiration around every corner.

The titles of these images are;

1- The Headless Wanderer

2- Waiting

3- Sleeping Beauty

4- Self Portrait

5- The Art Gazer


No matter how many times I visit, Sapporo is still one of my all time favourite cities. It has an amazing mix of sites complemented by awesome food and friendly people. Every chance I get for a visit, no matter how brief, I jump at it. 

The Traveling Bug or Traveling Bugs Me


And so it begins. 8 hours before my flight to Japan I am sitting at home going through the checklist in my head, or so it seems to me, others would say I’m procrastinating massively.

Ok 1st thing on my checklist……write a checklist.

2nd thing, cross all the stupid things off my checklist that don’t need to be taken to a ski resort halfway across the world.

Boardshorts - GONE, dinner suit - GONE, tanning lotion - how did that even make the list - GONE

3rd, should probably wash my clothes before packing

4th, camera gear

5th, more camera gear

You get the picture.


There’s nothing like leaving it all to the last minute. Then I remember that I wrote a list of what I left in Japan last season so I didn’t have to drag it all back again this year. Nice work. Now to find that list.

1 hour later I have it.

"Snowboard, bindings, boots and some other shit"

Wow I really dropped the ball on that one. Starting to look a little like I’m pretty crap at writing lists.

Oh, and I just wasted another hour.

Flight minus 7 hours……….packing still not even started.


That’s it, I need to get into gear. Grab handfuls of clothes and jam them in around the camera equipment.

Flight minus 6 hours.

Next I’m standing there like a weirdo holding a handful of scarecrow pubes. I have a tangled mess of cords and chargers and cables and hard drives and ipods and headphones that all have different plugs for different devices and can’t be left behind. Should I untangle it….nah….jam it in the corner.

Flight minus 5 hours.

Still some space for toiletries….well my toiletries which consist of deodorant, toothbrush/paste, panadol and Q-tips.

Flight minus 4 hours.

Whoah, still room but Fuck It,  I’m done!

Grab the handle and do the weight test…..feels about 20kg (this is based on my extensive traveling experience and the confidence I need to give myself that I am under the allowed weight limit that all airlines rule with an iron fist and credit card machine)

Flight minus 3 hours.

Lock goes on and I am officially packed.

Wait, what’s that sitting on the desk?

To be continued………